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Veneers are small pieces of porcelain shaped to cover your teeth. They can cover a wide variety of abnormalities and blemishes, completely restoring and beautifying your smile. If you live in Mira Mesa within the San Diego area and are interested in learning more about veneers and how they can improve the appearance of your teeth, call or schedule an appointment online with Dr. Paulo Cortes and the staff of San Diego Smile Center.

Veneers Q & A

When are Veneers Considered?

Veneers are gaining in popularity for people who have visual and, sometimes, structural issues with their teeth. Dr. Cortes considers veneers when any of the following are present:

  • Smaller than normal teeth
  • Abnormally shaped teeth
  • Teeth that are chipped, cracked, or broken
  • Small-to-medium-sized gaps or spaces between teeth
  • Teeth that are discolored due to smoking, drinking, tobacco use, or the use of certain medications

Veneers are easily applied to the front and back sides of the teeth. That protects them from further damage and provides you with the appearance of natural-looking teeth.

How are Veneers Applied to Your Teeth?

For veneers to be properly applied to your teeth, Dr. Cortes must first use an abrasive material to remove the thin, delicate layer of enamel from the surface. That provides a rough surface that is easier for the bonding agent to adhere to.

Once Dr. Cortes prepares the surface, he applies the bonding agent, then he puts the veneer in place. As soon as the veneer is where it should be, he allows it to cure for several minutes. In some cases, he may use a blue light to activate the bonding agent and hasten the curing process.

Are Veneers Intended to be Permanent?

Once Dr. Cortes puts veneers in place, they're permanent. After he removes a tooth's enamel, it can't be replaced, and it doesn't grow back. This means the surface of the tooth must remain covered by some appliance, either another veneer, a cap, or a crown.

Before you opt to have veneers applied to your teeth, you should consult with Dr. Cortes to see what he recommends. Veneers are intended to be permanent. If one eventually breaks or is chipped, it'll have to be replaced to prevent the tooth from being damaged in any way.

Accepted Insurance Providers

At San Diego Smile Center, we are dedicated to our patients' dental health. We accept a variety of insurance providers to make sure that all of our patients are covered. If your insurance is not listed or if you have any questions, please call our office to see how we can partner with you.

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